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Decorated and Emergency at Breese Little

Sri Lankan Contemporary Artists Burst Onto London Scene

The international art scene remains rather unfamiliar with Sri Lankan contemporary art (as compared to art from neighbouring countries, such as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh), but Breese Little Gallery in London is doing all it can to change this. From now till 28 June, the gallery is showing the works of Jagath Weerasinghe in its main gallery. It is also presenting an exhibition of four emerging and mid-career artists in the first floor gallery. Names include Nadia Haji Omar, Priyantha Udagedara, Prageeth Manohansa and Sujeewa Kumari.

Weerasinghe co-founded the Theertha International Artists Collective in 2000, which continues to foster new talents and initiatives. His practice examines and critiques Sri Lankan anxieties, and explores themes such as nationhood (a particularly volatile concept within the context of his country), religion and identity.Decorated features his recent paintings, drawings, sketchbooks, notes and a new installation. In a similar vein, Emergency showcases the works of Omar, Udagedara, Manohansa and Kumari as they investigate the civil war that has defined the recent history of Sri Lanka.
BREESE LITTLE, 30b Great Sutton Street, London EC1V 0DU
May 29, 2014 
Text by Amandas Ong
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Related Images (clockwise from top left)
1. PRIYANTHA UDAGEDARA, 2013, Super Hybrid, Watercolour on Paper, 64x50cm
2. JAGATH WEERASINGHE, 2014, Untitled XV, Mixed media on canvas, 150x150cm
3. PRAGEETH MANOHANSA, 2013, Squirrel, Scrap Metal, 30x18x10cm
4. JAGATH WEERASINGHE, 2014, Untitled XVI, Mixed media on canvas, 150x150cm
5. JAGATH WEERASINGHE, 2014, Untitled XVII, Mixed media on canvas, 150x150cm

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